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  • Telephone consultation (within 45 minutes of a request) with a child psychiatrist or child psychologist to answer general questions or specific patient-related questions to support assessment and treatment in the primary care setting

  • Epic asynchronous e-consult answered within 48 hrs.

Payor blind, all providers may seek consultation for any patient in their Colorado practice up to age 25!

Doctor Checking a Form

Peer Consultation


  • Education on pediatric mental and behavioral health matters via “Lunch & Learns”, ECHO, & learning collaboratives.

  • Resources available to participants through our website,

FREE toolkit of screening tools and educational materials provided through our website

Face-to-face consulting

  • Direct face-to-face or telehealth consultation for patients and families with difficult diagnostic or treatment issues.

  • This is a 1x only consultation conducted by a board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrist to guide the primary care provider’s treatment and management of the child and family in the primary care setting.

  • To request a face-to-face consultation, the primary care provider must first have a telephone peer consultation with the CoPPCAP team to ensure the referral is suitable for consultation and to inform the CoPPCAP team of assessment tools and historical records needed to ensure a comprehensive consultation.

Doctor and Patient
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